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U.S. 156 F M (42517A)

APPEARS NH, lite corner rounding at UL.


14 Day Return Privilege, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money Cheerfully Refunded!! NOTE: Sales are Final on all Multiple Lot listings, Collections or groupings of stamps, or sets of stamps. ALL SALES OF TOBACCO RELATED ITEMS ARE FINAL!!! No Returns are offered on Pipes, Lighters Ash Trays, Humidors or any Other Smoking or Tobacco Items!! Winning bidders may remit by Paypal. Shipping fees listed per each lot, please see below. Regular items shipping cost at $1.85 for items under $10, over $10 can be combined up to three items, 2.50, 3-10 items at $2.75, 10 or more items at $3.50. Items listed as shipping insured qualify for discounted shipping rates with additional items, it this case Please Wait For Invoice. _PLEASE NOTE!! ALL ITEMS $50.00 AND UP WILL BE POSTED INSURED FOR THE INSURED COST WHICH IS N ADDITION TO REGULAR POSTING FEES!! _ _EBAY/PAYPAL TRACKING REQUIREMENTS MAKE THIS A NECESSITY_. Large or Heavy items shipped at Priority rate plus $2.00 Shipping and Handling, Insurance may be added at option of the Buyer. NOTE: MULTIPLE LOT WINNERS, PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF INVOICES AND LOT NUMBERS! PLEASE INCLUDE ALL ITEM NUMBERS WITH PAYMENT, AS UN-NUMBERED PAYMENTS WILL BE RETURNED. NOTE: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS UNDER $100 ARE SHIPPED AT DOUBLE DOMESTIC RATES, PLUS $1.00. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OVER $100 MUST BE SHIPPED BY PRIORITY USPS SERVICE IN ORDER TO BE TRACKED PER PAYPA

U.S. 156 F M (42517a)

SKU: Default 1257
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